Standard & Special Parts : DIN / IFI / AS / BS / JIS, per customers' samples/drawings, etc.

Material: Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, etc.

Finish: Black/Yellow/Blue/White Zinc (Cr6+ or Cr3+), Mechanical/Hot Dip Galvanized,

           Nickel/Chrome/Tin/Brass/Copper Plated, Black Oxide, Ruspert, Darcomet, etc.

Cold Forged Part : Dia. M2~M24

Hot Forged Part : Dia. M24~M150

Hexagon Nylon Insert Lock Nut
Hexagon Nut with Flange
Hexagon Weld Nut
Square Thin Nut
Square Nut
Hexagon Castle Nut
Round Nut
Knurled Nut
Hexagon Domed Cap Nut with Nonmetallic Insert
Turnbuckle Nut
Wing Nut
Square Weld Nut
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